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April Blog - Entitlements

Things Every Farmer should know about Transferring Entitlements

The following are 10 things you need to know about transferring Single Payment Entitlements:

1. Entitlements are based on the amount of premia received during the years 2000, 2001 and 2002, divided by the area of land declared on your Area Aid application in those years.

2. They are attached to the herd number rather than the farmer or the land.

3. Because of this if there is any change in herd number details for example changing the name, adding or removing a name, merging herd numbers etc the attached entitlements need to be transferred into the new active number.

4. Where a farmer set up a company and farms in the company’s name a Transfer of Entitlements (TOE) application is required.

5. All signatures must be witnessed by for example a Solicitor or an Agricultural Consultant.

6. Inheritance can be a tricky issue for many farmers. If not specifically mentioned in the will the entitlements go into the residue. This can lead to a situation where one person gets the farm but another (usually non farmer) gets the entitlements.

7. If you receive an inheritance of entitlements without land you can sign a waiver form to allow them to be transferred directly to another person.

8. If you are left entitlements in a will and the will is unlikely to be probated before May 15th the executer can sign an indemnity form allowing the entitlements to be transferred to you for 2012.

9. Entitlements can only be transferred to a person who holds a herd number.

10. If you are renting/leasing entitlements you must rent/lease one hectare of land for each entitlement.

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