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Dairy Film

Clean Milk - a short film about Best Practice in Dairy Farming

Today, especially, with milk prices in constant flux and competition at its height, dairy farmers need to do everything possible to succeed.

Clean Milk makes it easy.  This 15-minute film clearly explains the 10 absolutely essential practices you need to employ to achieve consistently high milk quality.  

In this film you will learn:

  • Simple steps toward a 'habit of cleanliness'
  • Mastitis: prevention is better than cure
  • Good bulk tank operation
  • The vital importance of record-keeping
  • ...and much, much more

And the great news is, none of these practices is difficult to understand or implement.  Watch it once for understanding, and many times for inspiration, as it guides you through the quality-control practices that all the top dairy farmers use every day to attain the success they enjoy.

Clean Milk is informed by our many years of experience working directly with dairy farmers.  We have seen it all - the mistakes common to many dairy farmers, the heartbreak of sudden bouts of mastitis, the battle with bacterial counts.  And we have seen the successes, the farms that stand head and shoulders above the others as top quality dairy farms producing top quality milk.

The film features one of these dairy farmers, Brochan Cocoman from Co. Kildare, Ireland.  Brochan gives you first-hand insights into his state-of-the-art farm and impeccable farming practices.

"I believe in the strategies we discuss in this film.  I live them, every day.  This is how I keep my own farm, my cows and my milk clean and healthy."                                                            -Brochan Cocoman

Easy to understand and comprehensive in scope, Clean Milk will help you make immediate and sustainable changes in your farming practice.

At only 19.97, Clean Milk may be the wisest investment you will ever make on your dairy farm.

Get your copy today.  Can you afford not to??

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