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Article for April

The week began with an email from our local County Enterprise Board advertising their latest training services which they provide to small businesses and ended on Friday with a training course run by the Department of Agriculture as part of the programme to set up a Farm Advisory service.  There was never a better time to run or start a small business in the country in terms of training, mentoring and general assistance provided by the state through Leader, County Enterprise Board, Local...


Article for May

Last week saw the return of the Danes to Ireland, this time their mission was to help rather than to conquer.  Ramboll Management, a Danish Consultancy firm, have been appointed by the EU to carry out a study in a number of EU states to assess the administrative costs on farmers as a result of, in particular the Single Payment Scheme and to look for ways in which this cost can be reduced.  The Agricultural Consultants Association together with the Farm Organisations and Departments of...


Article for June

I had an interesting conversation before the election with an old timer who was lamenting the passing of the old days of the 40’s and 50’s when election rally’s often ended in fisty cuffs between rival parties and there was he claimed a lot more passion in general election campaigning.  He came to mind the other day when I read a letter in response to my last column from a  Mr Doran in Marino, Dublin and I thought of the old days in the 1970’s and the urban rural divide that...


Article for July

The AGM of Agricultural Consultants Association took place recently.  This year saw the election of one of what the late Joe Rea would have described as a “hungry young turk” as President.  Breian Carroll operates from Swinford, Co Mayo and is representative of the wave of recent graduates who in previous times would have worked in the public sector but are now employed directly by farmers on a private basis.   He is fortunate in having the backing from...


Article for August

We return this week to a document which like the Book of Kells is I’m sure much admired and often looked at in places but rarely read by any one from beginning to end and in which an awful lot of effort seems to have been put, that is the Terms and Conditions of the Rural Environmental Protection Scheme(REPS).  It was introduced by the Minister of Agriculture in implementation of Council Regulations EC no1698/2005.  The first thing we noticed about it is that the official launch...


Article for September

It is very rare that unexpected correspondence from the Department of Agriculture brings good news.  And so it was with some trepidation that we read a circular from the REPS section of the Department announcing training courses for REPS planners to bring us up-to-date on REPS 4.  The reason for our nervousness was that some weeks ago an ACA delegation was told that there was no need for training courses as there were no major differences between REPS 3 and REPS 4, other than some...


Article for April 2011

New AEOS open for farmers The new AEOS or Agri Environmental Options Scheme for farmers who are not currently in REPS has now opened for applications. The closing date is 16th May 2011. Payments of up to E4000 per annum are available to qualifying farmers who undertake to carry out a selected number of operations on their farm for five years. Although this year’s budget at 25 million is much smaller than previous years, it is expected that between 7 and 8 thousand farmers will be accepted...


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