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Sheep Tasks

Task 1 (Mandatory task that must be completed by Year 2 of the Programme.)

Complete a Teagasc e-Profit Monitor (or an equivalent programme that has received prior approval by DAFM) for the previous production year on the participants own farm, as verified by the facilitator.  New entrants to the Programme shall complete a Profit Monitor by 31 October 2013 on the basis of 2012 data.  Participants who are new entrants to farming shall complete a Profit Monitor within two years of joining the Programme (i.e. by 31 October 2014).  Currently, only the Teagasc Profit Monitor is approved and only those facilitators who are registered with Teagasc can use its Profit Monitor in order to satisfy this requirement.

Task 2

Provide on-farm weights to ICBF as specified below. Options for recording weights include:

Farmer recording of weights using scales; &

Technician recording of weights using scales provided by ICBF.

In all cases, weights must be recorded on the ICBF database for verification purposes. Farmers with suckler herds must weigh calves once between 50 and 250 days of age. Non-suckler farmers must weigh cattle once within 30 days of arrival on the farm or as early as possible in the finishing period.

Task 3

Increase the genetic merit of the herd using one of the following methods. 

A. Use AI bulls that are a minimum of 4.5 stars (on a within or across breed basis) on the ICBF Maternal (Replacement) or Terminal index on at least 25% of the beef cow herd. The insemination records must be recorded in the ICBF database.


B. Participate in Gene Ireland; this will be verified by ICBF. The insemination records must be recorded in the ICBF database.


C. Use a stockbull that is a minimum of 4.5 stars on the Maternal (Replacement) or the Terminal index (within or across breed basis). This task is a qualifying task for one year only, i.e. it cannot be selected by a participant in more than one year of the Programme.


D. Improve maternal traits in the herd by using heifers that have a minimum of 4 stars for daughter calving interval or for daughter milk. For the purposes of this task, 50% of replacements that calve down in the 2013 Programme year (i.e. between 1 November 2012 and 31 October 2013) must be 4-star or greater oneither daughter calving interval or daughter milk.  Task 4 (Qualifying task in 1 year only.)  For farms stocked at less than 170kgs/HA, complete a whole farm soil analysis for the  entire farm. Soil samples must be taken in accordance with the procedure outlined in Schedule 1 of S.I. No. 610 of 2010. Applicants who are participants in AEOS 2 (2011) or who are required to apply for Nitrates derogation or who select Task 5 in the STAP cannot opt for this task.  Applicants who are required to complete a whole farm soil analyis as a condition of other DAFM schemes must retake soil samples if they wish to choose this task. Soil samples must be taken after 31 October 2012 and before 31 October 2013 to qualify for payment.

Task 5

Reseed a minimum of 10% of the net owned and leased grassland area (excluding commonage, habitats and rough grazing) of the farm. Receipts for all purchases must be retained by the participant and presented to the facilitator for verification purposes.

Task 6

Complete a herd health plan with a veterinary surgeon. A sample template which may be utilised, if suitable, for this purpose in consultation with a veterinary surgeon is attached at Appendix II. Specific herd health issues relating to each farm must be addressed in this plan and reviewed with the relevant veterinary surgeon annually for the duration of the Programme.

Task 7 (Qualifying task in one year only.)

Register calf birth information electronically (including sire details and calving ease), maintain the DAFM herd register online and apply for the Single Farm Payment online.  Where applicable, all THREE elements must be undertaken in 2013 to qualify for this task; farmers with non-breeding herds are exempt from the requirement to electronically record calf birth information.

Task 8 (Qualifying task in one year only.)

Put a rotational grazing system in place on the farm with a minimum of SIX grazing divisions per grazing group and each division must have its own water supply.  Grazing divisions may be through permanent fencing or through temporary electric fencing which may be rotated around the farm and must be in place by 31 May 2013.

Task 9

Pregnancy scan suckler cows and breeding heifers in the herd and record all results on the ICBF database.

Task 10

Complete the Bord Bia Carbon Navigator / Footprint Calculator for the farm and obtain an analysis on a minimum of TWO silage (grass or maize) samples from an approved ISO 9001 certified or equivalent laboratory.

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